Sound asleep in my bed and now I hear the back door crack. I grab the gram and hid off to the XXXX. Cat burglar Ginary tip feet in my room thinking bed covers’ wad was me personally. The cat suited burglar finds that a wad of money under the mattress and thinks she struck pay dirt. She bounces and lands flat over the bed. I shove my g up in her face and then jump on top of her spine. I grab a bit of rope and then quickly crush her wrists behind her back cinching them closely and Ginary grabs and grunts with her hands me. I shove the g between her lips XXXX the bitch in and out jerking it. This settles the cunt down some – didn´Can. I rope her up pussy while Ginary begs yanking it into a camel toe. Awww aren´t some tittties? I manhandle her body while she moans and bucks like a bronco. Settle down missy and you also ´ll be consuming this whole!! I tie them laughing at her pleading and begging for mercy and cross her legs. I´theres far too much fun cooperating with all the girl. I tell her she can keep the money and make her beg as I climb on top of Ginary. I catch a deal of her long hair and then shove her face up. Ginary thinks the ordeal is finished also gasps for breath. Dumb bitch!! Oh no one, I need to make an example. I hold it up in the air and catch a pillow off the bed. As I slowly down it, poor helpless Ginary realizes her destiny and yells.

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