Surrender to Lana! –



First we get to see what Steve will submit to. Lana works for us alone. She also wears a black plastic miniskirt and strappy platform heels.Lana strikes both clothed and naked, and then takes out a black flogger that she moves between her teeth, her pussy, and throughout her bare breasts. She makes prior to the boy-girl action starts!! us cum When Steve arrives, then she takes his trousers down cuffs his wrists, and hammering his buttocks along with her flogger both and onto the bare! Then come the shots Uncle Irv really loved–where a Steve that is kneeling comforts with her knockers, cramming his face onto her nips and within her valley. Of course such treatment causes a huge boner (not just in Steve), also Lana shows herself capable of kindness in addition to sternness because she absorbs Steve’s rotating between her tits and lips. His hands chained, she puts him down and takes charge of his rod, keeping that whip nearby in case she has to use it again. But dommes have needs too, and we observe Steve gratifying Mistress Ivans just as she needs: licking at her tits, stuffing her pussy, and spraying a huge load all over her cleavage and palms. She then looks at us with a smile, cum on her head, as she lifts up her well-coated cantaloupes to get a cleanup!! ANY VOLUNTEERS??? Read more

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