The county sends the tax collector to my house because severe & I;ve ignored the last due diligence on my property for the real estate taxes. Nyxon threatens if I don & severe, that the county will put my house up;t cover. I distract the bimbo and push a moist rag. I begin roping up her by crushing her elbows tightly and then pushing her arms behind her back and lift her body. Nyxon&extreme;s rolls around because the rope is cinched and soon she´s fully awake and conscious of her plight. She fights as in gagging her with elastic bandage I push a rag and then seal it. Poor Nyxon yells through her gag as I awakens her large tits and continue tying up her. I leave her fighting around on the ground bound and gagged in her shiny pantyhose and put the tit raven hair attractiveness in a hogtie.

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