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Carmen Caliente calls her friend to talk about her amazing weekend. After hooking up with all kinds of girls, she can’t wait for college to begin and meet new friends. Carmen inquires about Maddy OA’Reilly’s massage parlor when Carmen hears from her friend that it has opened. She is told by her friend that it’s true and she should check it out. Carmen picks up her phone, and she starts to think about how great it would be for them to get together. SheAA’s 18 now and sheAA’s certain she can seduce her. Maddy asks Maddy when she arrives at the salon if she recognizes her. Maddy says she is familiar with her, but she doesn’t know her origins. Carmen tells Maddy that Carmen used to be one her students. Maddy tells Carmen that she’s 18 years old. She then takes Carmen in her back and requests her to remove her clothes before she can get a massage. Maddy did not expect Carmen to begin taking her clothes off in front of her. MaddyAs massages feel so good on her back that she can’t even believe it. Carmen insists that Maddy massage her back and legs, but Maddy keeps reminding her to touch her genitals. Carmen moans louder each time they massage her back. Carmen then turns and lies down on her stomach. Maddy motions to Maddy to massage her pumsy. Carmen asks Maddy to massage her pussy. Maddy grabs her hand and places them on her pussy. Maddy believes she can provide additional relief. She gets up and begins to eat CarmenA’s pussy. As she takes her teacherAs advice, Maddy does the same and eats CarmenA’s pussy. She knows where sheAs going to go when she’s stressed out, and she already knows this: This salon with her teacher.

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