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Antonia from Hungary and Carla Mai from Great Britain have some interesting one afternoon that is lazy and our DDF cameras are there to capture every millimeter of the fun! Everything begins when Carla documents her pink toenails with an emery board relaxes them using some cream. Enter Antonia, who is clearly tantalized with Carla’s dimensions 9.5 peds, and that shows off her very own yummy size 6.5 tootsies barefoot around the parquet flooring. Antonia’s brought along a dildo, which she sucks on a little too and moans over Carla’s soles. Antonia sets the dildo on her crotch and Carla pretends to offer a footjob to her , subsequently Carla holds the toy between her toes and Antonia gives it some head. The women sit on the sofa while yanking on the dildo between their feet, that we see using their toenails shiny and ready for worship, kissing. Carla fucks Antonia’s pussy until Carla decides to ride on the dildo while she and Antonia kiss some more. View Antonia hold on the dildo between her purple-polished feet while Carla rides the rubber dong, thrusting her butt at us! It’s Antonia’s turn to ride the rod while Carla holds it. So we can get in a couple of licks ourselves the girls relax stretching out their feet!

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