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Leggy blonde heiress Candence Luxxx pulls at the ropes which smash her elbows tightly together behind her back one more time. Her weak elbows have been rubbed raw from being smashed so tightly together behind her back all night. Her back hurts and she wishes she could stretch, but also the rope around her throat chafes and retains down her disperse across the metal table and together with her legs spread wide apart and her booted ankles tied into the legs of this table she can barely move. She has been left stretched so tautly across the table which she can barely touch the ground stretched up onto her tip-toes. And then there is the huge ball gag that has been wrapped in wedged between her teeth through the night. Her poor jaws aches and drool covers the table top, she has to put her face within her own drool. Cadence sobs and moans expecting that soon her mean Aunti Gigi will return and discharge from the punishing bondage. She finally hears the noise of the door to the basement creak open and the sounds of stiletto boots clicking on the hard concrete flooring echoing off the walls. She turns her head to see me enter the area and that she begs and pleads with me to untie her. Cadence has learned her lesson and wants to please her mean Auntie. She had been defiant last night dressed in an extremely short shirt and stiletto boots match up with a man at the night club. But I didn&severe;t conscious of this manner Cadence was dressed and also of course her visiting a night club unescorted to meet some random man. I have been her guardian since her parents died so many years ago and that I controlled Cadence&severe;s inheiritence and maintain my pretty blond niece to a tight leash. I come into the room and bid my helpless and bound niece excellent morning. I do apologize for having to be so mean and cruel but describes to Cadence that’s for her own good. Cadence sobs, cries and begs into her gag as I games and caresses her. I plant a huge kiss on her ball gag and tellsher that her punishment is close over but first I wish to give her a little pleasure. Cadence is confounded and just wants to be untied so that she can get a hot tub and some XXXX. But unkind Aunt Gigi has other plans… I tell sweet Cadence that she shouldn&severe;t even go out to nightclubs to meet random guys, it’s dangerous and they all need is her money. I go behind the young woman and set my hand under her skirt and rubs her satin cover pussy with my hand to determine how wet she is. I inform the hapless woman that when she gets horny then all she must do is inform me and I’ll scratch that itch for her. Cadence looks and sees me with a wand vibrator on my hands. I tell Cadence I will show her how to find pleasure without a guy. I open my first own leather coat and push Candence&severe;therefore face between my tits. I then go back behind Cadence and starts to rub the vibrator under her skirt. I press on the wand against Cadence&severe;s asshole and taunt and tease her before lowering it and pressing it softly from her clit. Cadence´s screams and her cries turn to moans and groans because the vibrator starts to stimulate her pussy and clit. Cadence starts to forget about the insanely tight ropes and looses herself because I work with my magic wand and it start to give her delight through the pain. Cadence doesn´t want it to cease but I continue to taunt and tease my own horny niece together with the vibrator until she finally exploses in orgasm. I&severe;m not yet finished and I return to examine her sweet niece&intense;s face and inform Cadence that it is about because of her own good. She belongs to Auntie Gigi until she has married and that won&extreme;t even be for a lengthy time. I grab the vibrator again and starts to groom her clit and pussy again to earn a point which I do control every thing in Cadence´s world. I then release Cadence&severe;s ankles from the dining table legs and untiesher rope leash. I leave the blond bimbo still closely ballgagged and lead her away by the leash along with her elbows cruelly bound behind her back.

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