I wanted electrical work completed in my kitchen and I hired a local electrician I found of Craig´s List. He also made a wreck of my entire kitchen running extension cords around to fix the problem. I start screaming at him – I&severe;m not paying you a dime – get out today!! Suddenly he catches me in a demanding choke hold pressing on a blade against my own throat. He catches a roll of tape and binds my arms behind my back with tape. I beg him to stop and he takes the kitchen sponge and pushes it in my mouth sealing it in tightly with black electrical tape. He manhandles my tits and ass and smacks me. I try to scream but the mouth stuffing gag muffles and silenced my sounds. He tapes up my elbows crushing them together and pushes me down to the ground. I wiggle my butt to try to get away but he’s too powerful and too fast. He quickly tapes my knees then my ankles. I manage to sit and fight to have the tape off with a wrench he left on the ground, but he grabs me and roughs me up a while adding alot more tape over and beneath my tits so my bound arms are pinned tightly against my back. He catches more tape and adds several more layers across my head gagging me more. He tapes my palms after which hogtapes me and that I can hardly move. He gradually collects his gear and also leaves me totally helpless brutally gagged and taped painfully rolling around my kitchen floor

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