Vicky Vixxx is a class dominatrix and owner of the exclusive BDSM club in the area. She wishes to book Roxie Rae a bondage model and escape artist. Roxie is a cocky and arrogant diva, but she is hard as nails. They input Vicky&severe;s residence after vacationing the dungeon and Roxie isn’t impressed in any way. The haughty blonde doesn&intense;t bother to remove her sunglasses also speaks to Vicky throughout the dark protect. She declines doing a performance at the club and advises Vicky she´s not interested in pursuing the issue any farther. That puts Vicky in an ackward position since she’s already advertised the event. Vicky decides to up the ante by offering Roxie a opportunity to take her bondage cherry. Roxie yells are she jams the domme´s elbows collectively crushing them painfully together with thin leather wires before inserting a Roxie adds to Vicky&severe;s embarrassment by putting a thick black leather collar on her neck along with attaching a leash. She shoves a large red ballgag to Vicky´s mouth. Not so domineering are we?? Vicky grunts and groans in pain because the leather cuts into her flesh, but she’s determinded to rough it out so that Roxie will signal. Roxie taunts Vicky and moans and she indicates that the contract to perform Vicky&severe;s team for ann exorbitant amouth of money. Roxie gets up depart, but Vicky insists upon a series of Roxie&extreme;s abilities before she pays her. She crushes Roxies elbows along with the leather cords and contrasts her wrists cinching the tie as tight as she can. She divides the ballgag to Roxie mouth along with the drool immediately begins to flow. Roxie starts to struggle and wiggle her entire body while Vicky keeps a watchful eye of their gorgeous blonde pixie. Vicky is convinced that Roxie won&extreme;t escape her bondage, but it isn&intense;t long until Roxie proves her escape abilities and her arms are free. Roxie calls her boyfriend invites him to bind the both of them. Vicky is appalled, however, she needs Roxie in her event and she insists. The two blond divas and brutally jumped on seats facing each other. Vicky is pissed and wants out, however, Roxie is in her element and begins and calling out for her guy to deliver the ball gags. The next thing Vicky knows she’s ballgagged and Roxie is slithering and wiggling on the chair purring like a kitty – yes!! The rope and the massive ballgag are becoming off her and weak Vicky is XXXX to see in disgust as inches off Roxie starts to orgasm out of the tight elbow crushing bondage.

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