The Hostage Nurse: –


Nurse Lia Lor is caring for a guy who had been injured during his arrest and is detained to a hospital mattress. The criminal pleads his innocence and also convinces Lia to help him escape. However he overpowers Lia and holds her hostage so as to create requirements for his escape. But beneath these circumstances, Lia Lor submits to his sadistic therapy and feels a peculiar attraction for her captor. Her deepest sexual desires are fulfilled as she is jump, ruled and fucked while held hostage!The very beautiful Lia Lor contributes to Sex and Submission to a sensual role play and intense bondage fucking from Mr. Pete. She slapped, is manhandled and choked, face fucked and pounded in her wet pussy while restrained. Pete ties her to a desk with her head hanging off the border and thrusts at his penis down the throat of Lia. Then he utilizes straps and restraints to secure down her so that he can fuck her !

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