The New Neighbor –


When candy Bella Rose meets her stunning neighbor Uma Jolie, shes too naive to help her find something cool to do. Bella Rose has stringent parents who dont let her out considerably. Uma Jolie cant believe that Bella never kissed a man. Much more advanced in her promiscuity in age eighteen, Uma promises singing lessons to get her contemporary up to speed. Even the nubile teens duck on Bellas property behind a few trees. As Uma strikes her seductively on the 13, bella leans from the home. At first Bella feels nervous, but Umas lips set her at ease. The girls become best friends, and Bella allows Uma tainted her because making out with her feels really great. Back in Bellas house, she yells to her mother not to disturb while Uma is finished, her studying. The moment the door to her bedroom closes, Bella playfully takes off her bra revealing her gumdrop nipples. Uma to kisses and licks them until they stay at attention. This time the budding lesbians take it. They shimmy eager to taste each others lesbian treats. Bella spreads her legs wide and invitingly, until she cums and Uma flicks her tongue. Umas so her pussy is begging for relief. She takes her joy and rocks her body over Bellas confront. Even the lesbians entwine hump and their slender legs each others pussies. Uma retains onto Bellas handsome breasts for leverage as she grinds her pussy tribbing them to obliteration! Can someone wonder what all the crying is all about? Click to learn!

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