The One and Only, Alex Mecum –


Alex Mecum is obsessed with observing hot studs beat and fuck one another, but he is worried about trying it out. Christian Wilde is going to change all that. He chains Alex and plays with his enormous cock. So his muscles soften using some tricky smacking alex is still tense for a fantastic flogging. The flog strikes Alex quickly and randomly. They hit from every angle until Alex cries for mercy, however, is awarded Christian cock. Alex feels his throat fills up. Alex is subsequently pulled by christian his cock off and flogs him till he could stand on his own two feet. Him bends over, and fucks him. As Christian, with his harvest hand, watches him twist, alex is bound to the dungeon bed. Alex handles the harvest until his tender body is covered by Christian in clothespins and smacks off them. To be able to examine his limits Spiritual gives Alex an intimate hand beating and moves in close. Alex watches as a very long steel pole slips deep. The hunk loves being sounded and almost cums with all the metal in him. Christian shoves his massive prick right into Alex’s tight hole, and pulls out the metal sound. Before getting his mouth open to receive each drop of Christian’s load alex can’t take it back and unleashes his cum.

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