The Sweetest Kiss part one –


Phoenix Rose explained that her favourite thing on earth was tough rope bondage and sat in my desk. I give a look to her and I understand she is not lying. For many girls their favorite aspect about bondage is getting out of it but she has ever known for Phoenix is the sweetest thing. There are several approaches to battle a bondage slut. My first option is a barbarous hog-tie. Her back is arched, her wrists are pulled and she can rest her weight. I like storing the tits of Phoenix up at the atmosphere so that I clip and can whip them. She is face down and bum up, as I tie her. It keeps her absolutely positioned for caning and has the extra plus of being the most challenging bondage Phoenix will face all daylong. It seems easy enough but the way her weight is dispersed makes sitting still and excruciating experience. It will not be her last for the day. She has a tight suspension to stand , some tailing that is barbarous to face, and she’s going to devote a couple of extremely painful minutes on her knees.

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