I sit at my bar dressed in my lovely blue gown and also the stiletto heels waiting to go to the celebration. The doorbell rings and it’s a guy and a female real estate representatives. I´m perplexed they want to evaluate my house because I only purchased it a few months back and I aren’t in the marketplace! The woman begins snooping at my computer and I start to feel uncomfortable. I ask them to leave and the man wraps his huge forearm around my throat making me choke and cough. As the fear starts to install, he envelopes my face with a rag that is white and the room spins out of control. I wake up to the guy hovering over me as I lie on the ground. My poor arms have been bound with many layers of rope out of elbows . They insist I have a code in my computer and I truly don&severe;t even know what they imply!! The big breasted woman walks round my body whenever I don & acute in her skirt threatening to torment and hurt me;this code!!! is produced by t I sob and beg telling them that I cannot give them what I don&severe . The long legged lady woman looks into my computer but doesn&extreme . Please don&severe;!!! hurts me I will provide you of my money – simply leave!! These two people aren’t interested in money, but need a database of your key file. I have no secret document – you two are currently making a major mistake!!! Please, please no The man shoves on a massive black ball gag deeply into my mouth and then attaches the rope. He jacks my arms that are bound up way over my head in a strappado. He bends layer and grabs a roll of silver duct tape. I can scream through this dreadful mouth watering gag. They continue to relentlessly ask me to get the code and she displays my tits and uses horrible nipple clamps to them. I am in so much pain as they continue to interrogate me. He strikes my ankles and closely ropes my legs all of the way from ankles into the tops of the thighs struggling to stay upright within this strappado and leaving my dangling. They don&severe;t decide they will leave me crying yelling and moaning till I decide to give the code up and believe me. They find me tired suspended and fearful and go back. So as to have the code, the ballgag is removed by them, however I cannot admit anything since I truly dont know anything. The cruel bastard retapes my mind while I am begging for kisses and re-gags me. Eventually the man seems to be convinced that I am telling the truth and that he realizes that his spouse made an error and had the incorrect address. They argue amongst themselves but she is overpowered by the man, sits on shirt of her and ties her elbows and wrists. She still argues and yells at him but he silences her gag shoved into her big mouth wit the duct tape wrap. Her wrists sit on her and ties and puts her to a tight hogtie. He gropes and fondles and pulls her enormous tits her body. This excites the man he fucks me hard and lifts up my dress over my buttocks. I sob to be fucked in this painful situation that is horribly. He leaves he tells the outlaw girl he alert the police for giving him the wrong address!!!!! as her revenge

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