Throat boarded! Skull.. –


Mia Gold is back to the fastest growing sex and entry site Sexually busted, on the net. This woman next door looks as innocent as they come however, looks can be deceiving. This is something which that you dont see everyday, we call it”Throat Boarding”. When you are trapped against a beam suspended by rope, it is, until you are a drooling wreck, and your skull hole is fucked by a person. Mia gets deep throated hard! She has to hide, her mind is trapped along with the penis slides down the back of her throat again and again. Mia combats, A blow job, her brain flashes, subspace has been input. There is A vibrator locked into position, and Mia finds herself cumming. We include heavy weights, clamps and suction cups to her nipples. We flog her nubile body till it is hot pink, so she endures, she sucks she cums. That is her world, cum, endure suck, over and above. It is orgasm overload. At the end Mia is deep into loopy subspace, dizzy and large. We leave while the vibrator rolls on, her to cum over and over. Drenched in sweat, exhausted and dumb, Mia may do nothing but suffer…

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