Arrogant model Vicky Vixxx shows to get a photo shoot and admits that she & extreme; therefore a femdom goddess and is here because she needs the cash to do a fast few pictures. I rope her elbows up cinching them super closely and she bitches and complains the time and has super demanding. I create about how she is building a kingdom, she and her attack a few presents & intense; s running her big mouth and the bondage is beneath her. I can&severe;t stand these uppity bitches so I tell her she can leave without pay. She has to do anything else for the cover if I untie the debilitating rope. I grab a pair twine and bind her agree to untie her elbow and elbows together. She needs that I rush up and retains around being a significant dominatrix, her mouth. I take away her shoes and shove her down onto the couch. I waste time linking her big toes together with the twine and she bitches about just how tight the twine is and her toes and thumbs are turning purple. I attach the toe bondage to her palms bondage leaving her thumbs and hogtied by just her feet and immediately get her down into the floor. Acute & she;s still screaming so her straddles and force a ballgag in to her big demanding mouth making her speechless and helpless. I leave the conceited MILF crying through her ballgag struggling futilely on the ground…

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