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I&severe;m seated on the sofa on reading a magazine for several moments then decide I am tired of slamming my Chrissy Marie that is captive. Pretty Chrissy is bound & gagged in a seat. I tell her I´m bored and am going out for a couple hours but I want to ensure severe & that she . The thing was taped with zip ties added to make sure she can&acute. Then I open her blouse and grope her tits for a minute before dangling nipple moves facing her. Chrissy&severe;s eyes widen in panic and she cries out, however she & acute; s gagged tape and mouth stuffed gagged and decreased to whimpering and moans beneath her gag. The brunette beauty struggles but also the tight bondage doesn&severe;t budge. While groping her for a few more minutes then depart my victim completely helpless, her torments by simply pulling on the clamps. Terrified of being left in Chrissy attempts desperately to maneuver the chair to the front door but realizes there is nothing she can do in order to unlock it. She&intense;s been left all alone to yell, moan and whimper with dread.

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