Severe & my daughter;s closest friend is her main competitor. Sexy sexy Latina ChiChi Medina is constantly bragging about this will make my daughter more powerful and the way she wins what and is so full of himself. I am quite sick of her hautie attiitude and that I choose to teach her a lesson. Chi Chi shows up wearing a little school girl skirt and belly baring top with bright red patent boots. I appeal to her aggressive nature telling the conceited brat how the upcoming competition is to get the role of Carmen!! Obviously the bitch is clueless and that I describe because she danced to her lover, Carmen was jumped on the hill. The little girl is intrigued and claims of course I bind her arms behind her back beating her elbows tightly together She yelps out in pain, but whatever for the triumph!!! acute; t like that and doesn & Young and dumb and full of herself ChiChi is purchasing my story, hook line and sinker. I shove a huge red ball gag into her big bragging mouth and tell her she needs to learn how to extend the superstar of the opera in addition to her jaw in order to sing Carmen!!! Awwww !!! Little ChiChi. Don´t you look cute on your matching ballgag?? Chi Chi&severe;s eyes widen in panic as it dawns she is fucked. I push her down onto the floor onto her knees and immediately rope up her booted ankles. I pull her perky tits and round ass out and hogtie that the bitch. ChiChi is so fucking loud screaming underneath the gag once I tell her she won&extreme but she is not able to herself, she struggles and rolls. Yes darling small ChiChi – my daughter will take your place

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