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The Class of 2008 Reunion is filled with graduates, most looking the exact same but some appearing entirely distinct….Coach Red seems as he always did with his thick shoulder and wrinkle-free dress khakis. He’s doing what he’s always done – yelling football stories and not so subtly contradicted the ass of every woman who walks through him to reach the punch. It is a celebration like others at the gym except this graduation course has one girl using a revival strategy waiting in the darkened wings to the best to time to pounce. Finally, Bambi spans the area inside her dress and within two moments Coach Red has dropped for her own charm. Upstairs, together with his cock out and his arms and neck tied up in anal intercourse, Bambi reveals who she actually is and makes the trainer suck her penis or she’ll call up the whole graduating class to see him vulnerable in his workplace, tied up and sexy. She does not stop with Only a straightforward blowjob – Bambi has waited decades to reunite at the creepy coach and she plans to take her time fucking him and using his very own masturbation toys

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