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Im out and about getting some exercise in a scenic park. Im wearing my adorable pink Barbie jumper, a tight pair of black leggings, and my cool Nike shoes. Under the leggings, and feeling so great next to my bare bum, I have on an extremely fluffy Cushie. It is poking out above the waist line of their leggings, and obviously visible to anyone who might happen to walk ! I come to a fairly bandstand in the middle of the park, and I mount some steps and climb onto it, as it gives me an outstanding perspective of the surrounding landscape. Of course, it also means that I will be very conspicuous if I choose to do anything glowing! The Cushie is rustling whenever I move, and I just cant believe how bulky it is. The bulge is obvious, even under the leggings! I cant resist slipping the leggings down and exposing my Cushie to the breeze, and now I really like the notion that anybody might notice me. The cheeky side of me is now running , and before I can stop myself, Im still squatting back on the bandstand and allowing a effective golden jet burst out of me into my Cushie. It feels really good! The Cushie is soaked through in seconds, and when I thought it was bulky before, theres nothing in comparison to the way it is now that its saturated! When am finished, I pull up my leggings, also have a fast look about me, but I don’t have any idea if Ive had been seen. However, I dont care, and moreover, Im not going on leaving the park only yetnot Once I have a really soggy Cushie to walk about in and enjoy;)

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