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We get all sorts of women on Hogtied, but Carly Parker has been an original. Not just your normal porn star, Carly has an incredible character that is genuine and comes along as real.Carly walked scared to death of everything: she awakens pain, she hates being flogged, she doesn’t want anything on her nipplesshe hates being tickled. So what does she enjoy? She likes cock and cuming, and thats about it.So with those limits, those things working against having a fantastic shoot, how can we get to”Possibly Another Hogtied Classic”? This shoot is exceptional in a way that cannot be described by words, although we do not understand. To see her endure and suffer. To see her struggle and beg. To see her improvement in scene to scene before your own eyes is for want of a better term”special”.There is a honesty here that goes beyond anything we’ve seen before, because we watch a woman go from complete beginner to”something else” all in 1 shoot.

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