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Wendy is a cute brunette with no tan lines and alabaster white skin. She seems like an innocent sorority girl but when her scene begins, you can tell shes got a naughty side . We meet Wendy from the shower and you’ll discover that her clit hood has been pierced three occasions, if she takes of her bikini bottoms. Wendy pisses into a watering can for one to view. She’s super full of urine so there’s a lot for her to use after. Wendy uses the can to wash her body with her pee, tasting herself as it drops. She works urine to push for you after slapping against her anus around a little. Wendy knows how to control her stream by pulling on her pussy lips tight and directing her nipples. She likes to open up her pussy wide so that you may see as she performs with every drop it coming gradually out.

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