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Im with some me time taking a well earned break and lounging in the kitchen. Im wearing my cream colored cat jumper, some cute cat socks, and Im strapped into an extremely white ID Slip. Im sat at the dining table, using a nice cup of tea, a delicious bar of chocolate, and a duplicate of the fashion magazine Vogue. The tough plastic seat feels good because I think through the pages of the magazine pushed against my ID Slip. Like looking at most of of the glossy photographs of these clothes that are pretty, I really do, I find it so trendy and intriguing. As I sip on my chocolate and sip my tea, I absentmindedly rest one foot on the seat of this chair to make myself more comfortable, and this provides an even greater perspective of my crotch. I mentioned that my ID Slip is soggy, but I think maybe saturated would be a word! Ive had it on for quite a long while now, along with the color change of the wetness index is proof of the;-RRB- Following a few more pages, I put up my feet on the desk, which cheekily displays off my shapely thighs, and as I do so, I savour the squelching feeling coming out of my ID Slip;-RRB- All in all this really is turning into a Really enjoyable restIf just the magazine had any pictures of clothes of the crinkly type;)

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