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Im out and about doing something that I totally lovehaving a stroll from the street sporting a very soggy diaper! Im wearing a short blue denim skirt, a Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt, also onto my adorable little feet I have on my sneakers as well as some skinny socks. And above all, secured a wet Tena Slip Maxi diaper, around my crotch. I enjoy my time walking along the pavement past the homes, as it rubs against also the inside of my buttocks along with my bum, enjoying the texture of this rabbit that is saturated. The skirt is so short the Tena Slip Maxi is observable, and will certainly exude an eyeful! But the thought of this is rather exciting, and because Im in a mood, I resist hitching the skirt as I stroll into show off the diaper and give more adventuresome flashes! I cant think how tight and heavy the diaper feels as I make my way later on, which isnt at all surprising because the wetness indicator has changed colour! Ive got to be honest, although I still keep my eyes peeled for other walkers coming from the opposite way, Im having such a fantastic time I dont need to finish my walk yet. In the end, having a soaked diaper strapped tight , I could walk to miles )

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