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Chris is now out of work since several months and is becoming lazy. It’s a disaster. There are clothes, food and other things all over the room. When Lex, his boyfriend comes home from work, he tells Chris that he hasn’t moved a thing today. Chris would like to travel to Paris, but Lex isn’t sure how that will be possible unless Lex finds work. Lex consoles Chris, and the two of them begin to kiss. Chris soon worships LexA’s large tasty cock, and is gagging on it. Lex face gets into a fight with Chris, possibly causing some irritation for his laziness. Lex turns Chris upside down to expose his eager sex and begins to prepare it by wiping it with a few of his fingers and loosening the thick skin for LexA. Chris has his bra ready, and Lex presses his throbbing chest into Chris’ tight sex. They fuck intensely once they get down to it, but Lex sometimes takes out his anger with some hard thrusts that show Chris the true breadwinner. Lex continues to fiss ChrisA until his tight stomach explodes with hot cum. Lex admires ChrisA’s cum-soaked body and strokes it until his feet are full of cum.

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