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Topping 2010 off faces this week, Jess Taylor and Mason Coxx. Mason is 24 from Connecticut. Jess is also a boy from Florida and 23. On the cusp of how 2011 these studs exactly what one of the highlights was for last year were requested by us. They both agree that going back home this season has definitely been the highlight. Because there is no place like home click these heels twice. Talking of home we turned the topic and asked them if large dicks run in the household. Seven (brothers) not so much; and 2 are large shares Mason. Someone was busy procreating in Connecticut. Jess has no idea whether big dicks run in his loved ones and wants to keep it like that. If these two seem comfortable about each other its because they have background being that they’re friends (with benefits)–the best form of friends. It appears opposites attract because their opinions on most things dont align. Jess enjoys his guys ink and prefers cock. Mason doesnt enjoys a guy with tattoos and have a preference on cock. That which we can agree on is that when it comes to horizontal relations they both concur to beef in the middle. . . .Enough said. Because he gets ready for your party, mason is shaving. Jess comes in for him going and he manages to do that. They pick they can be fashionably late and end up on the sofa –cock calls! As Jess clothing come off, they make out. Mason brings that dick totally free and swallows it. You like that cock? Teases Jess as he starts to fuck Masons confront. While Jess moans his appreciation mason slurps on this meat. Masons own while he sucks on dick 9 cock is rock hard and also at attention. That cock will get the attention it deserves as they change its Jess and places thats getting his tonsils tickled. Mason holds Jess mind still as he rams his thick prick. Jess strokes and sucks that cock like a pro because it throbs to his every touch. Jess stays up since Mason slaps on his tongue face with his dick ordering Jess to look at him because he pleasures that thick dick to worship that thick cock. Pleasuring that dick shirts its own Jess who is to be accomplished and the TO DO list this day. They stand and slap cocks together before Mason bends Jess over for more.Mason spreads that smooth buttocks open as he sees his meat in the intended goal. He shoves inside as Jess bum churns. Jess can only groan and beg for more as Masons balls and his ass meet with. He begins to fuck his butt because he picks the pace up and pulls back. Gimme that big dick! Grunts since Mason stretches his buttocks wide. He pounds his hole as the sound of ball slapping matches the space. Mason sets Jess on his back and transforms it up. He doesnt waste any time prior to pushing that cock back in for more. By now these smooth studs both are glistening in sweat as Mason proceeds to push his prick deep inside. While he has plowed jess is rock hard and cant help but jack off himself. Mason then sits back and watches his dick straddles and sits for more on it. He rides because he bounces up and down Masons cock cock reverse cowgirl. He wants every inch inside him and Mason is more than willing to oblige. That dick hits Jess within his spot making him cream. Happy Fucking New Year Jess grunts as he shoots around. Mason quickly pulls out and goes within Jess face giving him a thick, 2010 facial . Now thats how you send off and welcome in a new. Whew.Happy New Year from us all in ExtraBigDicks.com!

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