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Goddess Jewels, a new product that is bound to become an international sensation is Goddess Jewels. She is gorgeous with an ass which goes on for ever. Who wouldn’t want to sit under this amazing mass of divine flesh while facesitting? Club Stiletto is the only location where you will see Goddess Jewels. Jewels is happy to share this moment with her slave, and she’s giving him a treat. As the camera moves back, you’ll see that the slave is lying on a firm bench and Jewels sitting on her face. The slave’s face is so small that you can see it from the camera. Jewels verbally humiliates the slave over her tiny cock.

It is evident that Jewels loves to sit on the slave’s head and doesn’t care about his struggle for breath. Jewels then looks at the camera and speaks to you, aEURoeWouldnaEUR(tm)t you love this ass on your face?aEUR Meanwhile the slave is kicking frantically to breath and Jewels continues to push his limits. Then she turns her back and reverse facesits him. Before she can sit down, she moves the wiggler in front of camera to make it look like your face. She then returns to her seat and soon the slave is kicking from both the air and the pressure. He would love to do it, but if she decided to stay put, he wouldn’t have any hope. When Jewels sees you standing up, she shows you her sex before reaching down to your face. This gives you a stunning view of her sex and her pussy. She then goes back to her second slave and as she sits down, she laughs at him as he kicks in his breath. Facesitting is a favorite hobby of Jewels!

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