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"Youve bulked up," I commented as I was chatting with Aidan. "A lot!""Well, I have quite a bit of free time so I just go to the gym," Aidan laughed. "A lot!""How much is a lot?""Like twice a day… three if Im bored."Jayden was looking very calm for a first timer. I asked him what was going on in his head."Im not really sure what to expect," he said. "The ride over here had my mind racing with tons of stuff.""Such as?""Eating ass, sucking a dick, you know… stuff!"I could tell that he was really excited to be doing this, though. I caught him checking out Aidan a few times.Of course Aidan was ready to go and before we knew it Jayden was fucking his face."Its nice having a guy suck me off!" Jayden said with a smile."Whys that?""Cause he knows what feels good!"Aidan was all smiles. "I aim to please!" Then he went down a few inches and started on Jaydens hole."That might have been the hairiest ass Ive ever eaten!" Aidan said. "It was different… I like it!"After that, Jayden was rock hard and ready to fuck…

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