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Alejandro has been blowing his boyfriend off Alexs phone all day text after text. Alex cant endure the constant pestering hes been dismissing every text. Theyve been for a while now Alejandros insecurities are getting in the way of their connection. Alex is in the office hard at work creating ends meet remaining and the last thing he wants is texting. Alejandro was pacing back and forth in their flat and he doesnt understand why he cant just get one simple text back. and all day with not 1 answer its late and he is currently getting right in bed. One final text before he goes to sleep and still nothing in Alex. As time passes Alejandro is deep in sleeping when Alex eventually comes home to unwind. Tired as all hell he sees his guy is kind enough to gently wake up him and snuggled up from the blankets. Him closes down quick although alejandro begins to bitch about the way he never obtained any texts back and soon the lovers are back where they love to be which will be face. Though its Alex takes his time and still loves every minute of Alejandro sucking his prick. The fire runs high with these two men since they roll up in bed rimming, sucking and fucking their way to fantastic orgasms.

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