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Blue eyed blonde boy Olivia Kasady was an abandoned warehouse since she received a tip from an informer that guun smuggling was occurring there. She enters the assumptions and looks around putting her down gun to start a barrell and finding the illegal arms. I tip toe behind her and jack up her against the wall. Clearly the young dumb woman cop is scared and I force her to put down on the dining table. I cuff down her legs then her wrists and then scatter the winch till she&intense;s stretched and crying. I then unzipper her uniform exposing her tits. I wholeheartedly and maul the fairly litte blonde since she threatens to have me arrested. I poke and prod her entire body then shove a ballgag in to her mouth so that she can&severe;t scream. Olivia doesn&extreme;t know what to expect because I catch my taser and provide her a jolt into her heart. Her body flashes and shakes and that I laugh until zapping her into the pussy. I easily get tired of this electric play, therefore I put clothes pins on her brow then pick up some wires which have been sitting in a bucket of water. The sponges are soaking wet and this will truly shock the poor aluminum. I t0rture her for a while then crank her arms till she´s stretched to her limits leaving the poor young thing sobbing and begging for mercy.

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