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Ty Tucker and chris Tyler come back from the home and its never a boring moment with these Sun Coast boys around. Chris is young and from O-Town and Tampa, 26 years boy, Ty is young. Orlando has to offer than the Magic Kingdom? Who knew! With the Summer Olympics looming we wondered what event these studs goes to when they had their pick. Chris would want to find mens gymnastics, Cuz that the boys are sexy Chris states in his effeminate voice that is finest. Mmhmm. Ty would want to see Swimming. (surprised? ) ) In regards to playing sports in high school, Chris also did wrestling and played baseball, football. Ty ran track also, played football and was an enthusiastic weight-lifter. We believed what category theyd win gold in, if sex was a Olympic event. Tea-bagging! Packing chunks than the typical ass, grins Chris. Hes definitely qualified. Ty would win gold at the category cuz hes a Grade-A Cock Star. Ty, given the option, would really like to get a hot orgy scene with lovely ladies. Chriss fantasy scene strikes a little closer to home because he acknowledges his secret fantasy is to find somebody that may fit all three of his balls in their mouth… Jaws of Life coming into up.Ty and Chris are chillin when Ty starts to tease Chris about his newly shaved chest. Doesnt that itch? As Chris gets up to flaunt exactly what doesnt, He states. He peels off his tank to reveal his washboard stomach. Ty starts to run his hands around Chris pecs and abs and his hands drift south to the bulge in his pants. Whats going on here? He grins because his pants are undone by Chris and gives him the opportunity to learn. Chris nuts are pulled out by ty because he gets to work at those huge nuts. Chris just moans as he gets his nuts then his uncut penis serviced. He retains as he begins to fuck his head Tys head. Suck Boy, that cock! As Ty slobbers all over his meat, That he grunts. Chris then straddles Tys confront fucking his throat deep he makes him gag on it. Not one to be discouraged, Ty goes back to licking those balls that are meaty and consuming this meat. Chris gets on his knees since he threatens Tys dick return the favour. As he blows Ty on each of four his sexy butt is in the air. Tys cock is rock hard as he sees Chris enjoy every inch of his thick dick making it all wet and ready to get more.Chris is getting horny for more as he straddles Tys cock and then relieves himself down onto it. Tight ass Ty teases as Chris hole that is hot proceeds to take his prick. Chris struggles to carry it all but hes riding that dick like a champ. When he gets accustomed to it indoors he starts to shake up and down on Tys dick. I bet you love dontcha, this fuckin butt! Chris grunts as Ty starts to slam his cock into him. Ty subsequently turns Chris about and fucks him into a reverse cowgirl as Chris helps himself to as much cock as he could shoot in that tight buttocks. Chris cock is bobbin and hard like a trampoline down wanting to find every inch has to offer in his ass as he squeezes that hot hole. Luckily, what comes around goes around. Fuck that hole feels so good Chris groans as Ty bends over and fucks that ass doggy style. Ty whimpers as he attempts to accommodate the hes getting. Chris spanks as he owns Tys tight hole that bum. Chris balls smack away at the ass as Ty just whimpers and begs for more. Each one impressed with all the others huge load as they get close they bust their loads over the glass table and stand side by side. Whew. Str8 boys! -Go figure.

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