Zafira in Zafira la Carte –



The only mention of her name is sufficient to excite. A prodigy in the world, Zafiras repertoire has encompassed a broad variety of classes. Dipped in peeing in front of a camera. This is the first period that Zafira pees over once in one shoot as robust as her experience is. Her dimply that is beautiful smiles emphasize her character as she treats us into this extravaganza. Zafira covers a great deal of ground, sliding around licking and wetting her lips with urine, and engaging in some anal action. As she sticks her head on the table she shows her versatility and while standing. A testament to her pleasure remains all smiles through her final pee. Along with her smiling, the standing pose out stands as her stream goes down between her thighs and she glances down to find it hitting the floor. Zafira signals off by saying hello to All the fans at Wet and Pissy.

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