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Kiki Koi, 18 years old is back. This is her first ever tie and first time she has been in hardcore bondage. What does an 18-year old do with her first ever hardcore tie. Kiki Koi is a real whore if you’re her name. We bind her into The Chair. To restrict her breathing, we attach a neck rope and heavy weight to the chair. This type of breath play is loved by most girls, as we have seen. This hits the button and gets girls wetter, warmer, and more manageable. To make her perfect nipples, we add weights and clamps. Kiki’s panty is cut and she has a shaved pimple. We bring the vibrator in and Kiki is stunned. Kiki cannot control her body, and she cums and cums. We are determined to keep her in check. She is helpless and we make her cum. There’s nothing she can do. We rip brutal orgasm after painful orgasm from her pussy. After she has exhausted herself, we tie her leg with a crotch cord. She is forced to sit up and endure the painful tie, causing her discomfort. What is her limit?

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