Alexa Benson –


Alexa Benson will smell the scene of sex after she got inside this bathroom. The graffiti on the walls brought home the point that this really is where white women visit feast on black meat. She came dolled up in hopes that discard hit on the interracial sexual lottery. Her lovely smile. Her smooth, smooth thighs. Perpendicular fuck and those tits hole. Alexa has it all going for her except that the absence of black cock in her holes. Everything goes off when there comes a big black penis in to wreck her entire body from head to toe. Mouth jumps as though it was the one in South Central. That she can have her womb invaded by a rocket, her mouth juices provide a excellent lube. As to not split her in half, her tight lips slowly part as a black penis takes its time. Once she got the hang of meat that was then Alexa went full speed ahead with fucking the life from it. She had to contact her gremlin of a boy but not before letting the walls to rupture inside her face.

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