Alt Dream Girl Krysta Kaos.. –


Shes back!! female sexual slave legend Krysta Kaos returns she could be humiliated and punished in The Popes sadistic dungeon. Her petite body is toned and adorned with tattoos that show off her love of pain. The Pope strips her abuse and nude he could grope her tits and firm ass wastes no time. He prods all her orifices and stimulates her perky nipples together with slaps and punches. She purrs and must be punished and also The Pope is just too happy to oblige. He operates over her body from head to toe with a leather flogger for mercy are deafening, until he cries. The only mercy that Krysta discovers is vibrator jammed upon her clit that is swollen and sensitive. She screams in the torment of unwanted orgasms. The pain becomes so intense that she lifts herself off the ground and bends entirely backward while yelling masochistic whore’s depraved screams. Next Krysta gets tied into a horrible full suspension that spreads her prized pussy open. The restrictive and tight rope bondage is dug into by the full weight of her body. Her every movement intensifies the annoyance of predicament and The Pope takes advantage of its own vulnerability. He carries a dildo and shoves it in her whore hole and then admits a sadistic grin as Krysta yells out in the pain of this vaginal penetration. However, her mood quickly shifts since the rod jams that are large in and out of her pussy that is tight and tiny. As juice drips from her cunt she fights and cums against the bondage into to escape the agony of the orgasms. The Pope then ties her and lashes clover claps. He yanks on them across the area and every time Krysta moves the searing pain of their breast reduction raises. But she only craves her lust and more is only going to be satiated after cumming over and over again. The Pope strikes her tits and pussy with each impact instrument he has at his disposal and ties her spread eagle, to finish off his sexual plaything. A plastic flogger tears at her flesh, while her worshiping like thousand psychotic bees’ bites. Her pussy glistens with cum as front of her entire body glows red from the abuse and she begs her dom. Her whole body contorts and spins till one explosive orgasm awakens like her sore pussy vibrates and yells from the joy a masochistic slut discovers from being clubbed with pain that is unbelievable.

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