Bianca Ferrero in Drenched.. –


Bianca Ferrera initially made her debut 2013 back on Pissy and Wet and has changed since then! With long hair, this babe is much sexier and teases in the shower room in lace panties. She climbs on top of the massage table also holds on her crotch Bianca starts to pee through her denims and because the feeling of pee desperation sets in. We detect a moist patch look on her crotch and that also gets bigger and bigger since her piss proceeds to soak her thighs down! She touches herself into her mouth and drips little droplets of her suck, together with her fingers through her jeans! Bianca definitely hasnt lost her love of this blonde and play pulls her denims and spreads her butt cheeks! She has hold of a glass goblet and places it grabbing her piss and while bending over. She plays with her nectar, dripping it and pouring it over her tee. Because it is saturated throughout, when Bianca takes it off she wrings it in her mouth suddenly lifting up her leg and pisses all over the massage mattress and glass table. Naughty Bianca laps up her juices and actually loves the flavor of her golden piss! Later, Bianca fucks her pussy hard with a dildo, enjoying every single time it slides in her hole and then lays on the massage table! Bianca intends a piss stream into the glass to finish this comeback scene, once she’s orgasmed!

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