Breaking Her In –


Commonly known in the UK as a page 3 girl, were blessed to visit Sophia come visit with us to get a 4 day FTV adventure! Shes a blonde girl with a Scottish accent, who has done nudes for Playboy but will go all out to FTV. We see her flashing her breasts and giving us while at a park area where they’re setting up for a concert, perspectives! Shy at first, she gets into it by the finish, flashing she can! Back home, she masturbates with a few of her dildos tries that the toy that is vibraking out! As she masturbates with this discovers what orgasms are about, having a couple of ones and using a mini-squirt! Notice that the contractions of her anus as she discovers real orgasms for the first time in her life. The following day, shes out in a fancy mall, dressed in a dress and heels, flashing in the mall as well as at a cafe! Shes straight home, she has yet another orgasm whilst wearing heels & her dress, and tries out the vibraking one more time. Its time for some foot lingerie and fetish, as she plays with her toes, sucks on her feet, and reveals these sexy legs. On the next day, shes seeing a Scottish-style castle home, and strips naked on this chilly afternoon, with goosebumps everywhere! Walking totally naked through this home, we check out her kind as she moans herself. She masturbates having an additional orgasm, showing her wetness off. She visits the swimming pool area at the house, displaying her hot pink dress, begins talking dirty to us, and amazes us. Shes masturbating using a vibrator until orgasm before you know it. On the day, we shes running topless with this canal that is general, and shortly watch her jogging in her hot track suit. She goes all nude out there, and goes home for some fingering (penetrating together with three hands ) and uses another vibrator to get a strong orgasm (some powerful contractions again!) . Then in the pink room, she experiments with panty stuffing… and in a fantasy sequence finale, she chooses to suck on some complete sized breasts… A four day adventure it’s — A supersized update of the stunning & playful Scottish beauty!

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