Cherie DeVille takes on two.. –


Welcome Porn´s newest superstar Cherie DeVille.

Today Cherie takes on two cocks for the first time. Cherie is a feisty blonde who likes to battle and struggle bondage, now is going to be more fun.Gagged, hooded and bound to a bed, Cherie struggles for liberty. We use suction cups that are nasty which makes them even bigger, and cut her dress away. Both legs have been jumped out spread and Cherie is beginning to know the predicament. She fights and squirms, a vibrator settles her down then makes her cum. She fights it, however in the end the vibrator wins and Cherie nature is reviled, she’s a slut like the rest of them.We un-hood our fairly blonde captive, remove the tape gag, and substitute the huge wad of cloth which was in her mouth together with cock that was hard. The penis wins, although she struggles to get another. S throat is getting fucked deep and hard running down her face Shortly severe & Cherie. Soon a huge black cock slides into her wet cunt, and now Struggling little Cherie is getting it out of the ends.The boys turn back and forth fucking Cherie heavy and hard. Making her cum often and . As cock bangs to her uterus her throat is sliding down. This sexy blonde is owned by us and she understands it. It the end we abandon cum drunk, with spit and spit coating eyes and her face , fighting to no avail. We’ll return and fuck her afterwards there is not any doubt…

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