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Samsara used to be O.T.s favorite girl to play with, but because he discovered Sierra Cirque, the sole use he has for her is as a location for Sierra to sit or, on her great days, an instrument to make Sierra cum. He puts down her what she thinks is a seat, but that which ends up to be Samsara, jumped to pieces of wood together with belts to form a desk and hogties Sierra together with shackles. What gives it away is the whining. No matter what Sierra says, she cant get her to shut up so she can concentrate on O.T. fingering her moist pussy, so the two of them decide to put that mouth into work.O.T. So that she is sitting with her legs spread and Samsaras face directly between them, shackles Sierra. Subsequently utilizes Samsara for all she’s good for: making Sierra cum when his fingers become tired. She’s a little gag in, so its a little tougher for Sierras to be licked by her pussy, but she doesnt have much of a choice. If she cant do that whats the point of her? After operating and functioning she gets Sierra off, making her squirt around Samsaras face.Dripping wet with the cum of this girl O.T. has replaced her Samsara is then shackled upside down so that Sierra can utilize her as a seat while O.T. flogs both of their pussies at once and then starts fucking Sierra with a metal pussy hook. He keeps moving until she squirts again and O.T. reminds Samsara she doesnt get to cum again. She has lost that privilege. She is humiliated and useless.

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