Girl Next Door Ashley Lane.. –


Ashley is famous for how extreme she likes to perform . She is true fan of rope bondage in addition to brutal torment, which makes her an ideal match for Hogtied. Every place will push her ability to tolerate the Pope has intended for her. It will not be an easy day and she knows that, but the degree of intensity is not yet been revealed to her. We start with her tied at a corner at a pressure position with her left to squat and her throat pulled tight in another direction. Prior to The Pope even enters the scene, she is fucked. He enters and immediately goes to work devoting torment to her whole body, but most of her pussy. Following the brutal attack with floggers and crops, a crotch rope is inserted and a baseball ball is added to maintain this pain slut in place. Next she’s in a lunge position and is designed to survive a brutal flogging until she’s fucked into enormous squirting orgasms. Her pussy is drained of all its slut nectar and she is left to recuperate for the final scene. We start with Ashley on the floor with one leg pulled from the air. She’s flogged more and made to suffer through a horrible bastinado session. She is designed to orgasm more which leads to more squirting, then she is pulled into one of their very barbarous suspension ever. The most”hanged man” is really a suspension that has the captive dangling out of 1 ankle. All of her weight hangs from such a little bit of rope, which is the reason this is so fucking dangerously extreme.

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