Girls In White 2012 #03,.. –


I&severe;ve made my luck being a jewel thief and I&extreme;m damn good at it. I come home to get a hidden youthful Latina bandit sneaking my heist. She´s so dumb she dropped the bag and the jewels spilled all over my floor righht because she was tip toeing out. WTF is going on?? I threaten to call the cops on her and she freaks out. No, No I´ll do anything. I tell the sexy bitch to strip and see as she gets naked. I XXXX her down into a seat and crush her arms behind her back squeezing her elbows closely. She&intense;s beginning to get scared and that I don´t want the neighbors to listen so that I dip a rag to her mouth and seal it by wrapping her pretty little mind with clear tape. I tie her wrists down to the seat ensuring she is &severe;t even get up. Awwww aren´t your brown little tits so adorable. I grope hher little tits and squeeze her nipples whereas the poor ninja thief grunts underneath her gag. She begins to cry after I yank up her feet off the floor and bind up her knees to the rungs of the chair. She lifts her pussy up for a nice tight crotch rope yanked directly between her pussy lips and up into her buttocks. Are you wet small one? Dumb bitch tried to rob me. I catch my vibrator and press this up to her pussy. She screams into the gag because the vibrations take over. I push it in to her crotch rope and leave Miss Mandy Candy exclusively to suffer the XXXX climaxes while away I go to sell my stolen jewels.

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