Giselle Leon & Charles Dera –


Charles is all set to create his very own boxing/work-out DVD. He?? S got the studio display crew. He?? S hired a fitness product to add a little spice to the movie. ” he?? when Giselle shows up S pretty content. She?? S young and hot, and seems pretty impressed with all the setup. Problem is she?? S assumed to know how to box, and couldn?? Away a punch is thrown by t if her life depended on it. Now what?? S he will do? Trying to teach her a little, it takes just a minute to recognize there?? S. In a loss, he asks her what she DOES like to do, to which she replies ?? Well?I like to work out, and I like to fuck. ? Hmm, no motive to have the afternoon be a whole loss, and it?? S an hour until they were supposed to start filming, so the studio is vacant. Besides, who wants boxing when you might be fucking?!?

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