Inverted hell, hot blond.. –


Her breasts along with rain DeGrey and legs are back on Broken. This girl can take it and then we push this time. Nonetheless dressed in what she wore into the studio finds herself suspended upside down with her legs spread, elbows tightly bound along with her wrists. Her enormous boobs are already bound using leather which bites deep, which makes her nipples pop out further then ordinary. She’s stripped, and clamps are inserted to her nipples. Weights are added to the clamps. There is A tough cock pushed into the back of her throat. She withstands her face spit, spit and fucking runs down, coating her eyes and plugging her nose. A Zipper is applied for her torso, rope pulls and stretches her throat, the bondage is tightened up and down find her arms at a barbarous inverted strappado. When she’s at the point, we tear off the Zipper off her and hits her like a stone. Rain is then vibrated by us to brutal screaming mind. As we abandon suffer and to hang in the extreme bondage, she moaning is drooling and mumbling. .

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