Lovely Lady Humps –


Alisha is jump in a darkened basement, not able to maneuver, and extremely desperate to pee. Unable to free herself, she ends up having a humiliating wetting injury as Sosha gleefully watches.The video begins with Alisha bound in the basement. Her hands are cuffed into an overhead piperendering her completely immobilized. Unable to free herselfshe is wearing a brightly colored t-shirt and gray cotton leggings. Desperate to pee, she’s struggling not to have an crash, squirming and pressing on her wrists together.Sosha enters the scene. She’s wearing a sexy black outfit with fishnet leggings. Her goal is to get Alisha to pee in her pants. She tells Alisha that she wants to do would be moist herself and she is going to be set free, however, Alisha refuses. Upset at Alishas refusal, Sosha awakens her with a flogger, but she maintains control of her bladder.With that the flogger failing to make Alisha wet herselfSosha resorts to teasing and tickling. After teasing Alisha to get a bit, Sosha goes back to the flogger, and now with more success. While Alisha has been whipped, she seize control of her gut, peeing down her legs and soaking her clothing. Sosha watches as Alisha pees, turn at the site of Alisha having an accident.Once Alisha is done , Sosha kneels down and, with Alisha nonetheless leaping, pulls off Alishas soaked leggings and underwear. She then proceeds to eat Alisha out. The whole experience is overwhelming for Alisha- The bondage, desperation, humiliation, the hot wetness on her thighs, and now the sexual stimulation out of Sosha. It’s more than Alisha can process, inducing her to climax almost instantly. The movie ends shortly afterwards, with Sosha tanking Alisha for a good time and walking off, leaving Alisha moist, bottomless, and status in a puddle of her own pee.

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