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Pretty Maria is chatting on the phone with her boyfriend, she is stuck babysitting – a job her mom XXXX her to take to pay off some loans and she rather be doing anything else. She could hear the brats horsing around in their rooms, she finishes her call and tells them to go to bed. Maria takes a sip of her iced tea. She had better get up and check on them she thought, but when Maria stands up all of a sudden she becomes lightheaded. She quickly realizes that they must have slipped something into her tea. She grabs her head as the room starts spinning her and legs get weak. Suddenly her world goes black her she falls limp on the couch. Beautiful Maria´s head begins to clear. She opens her eyes and immediately realizes that something is very wrong. She tries to move by her arms don´t cooperate, then she feels the ropes biting deep into the soft flesh around her elbows. WTF someone has tied her up, she tries to stand but her legs are also tightly bound at her ankles. Lovely redhead Maria calls the for help but then quickly realizes that it was the little bastards whd did this to her. They must have doctored her ice tea and when she was out they tied her up. She pulls hard at the ropes but they did a good job, she realizes that she wasn´t going to escape the ropes on her own. She calls out to them to untie her, but no one responds. Maria struggles on the floor as her hands are starting to go numb from the tight ropes and she is getting angry. She screams at the brats demanding that then come and free her. But she just hears them giggle and laugh from the other room. Frustrated and angry she demands to be untied as she struggles on the floor. Then she looks up and sees them come into the room, she can´t wait to be free of the cruel ropes. But her hopes vanish when she sees that they have no intention of freeing her. Instead they are holding something in their hands. She demands to know what they have and to her horror she sees them holding a pair of women´s panties. Maria pulls desperately at the ropes as they wave the panties in front of her face. They intend on gagging her with it as she tells them to get it away. But her protests fall on deaf ears as her mouth is now filled with the panties and clear tape has been wrapped around her head sealing the panties deep in her mouth. The little creeps grab more rope and soon poor Maria herself crotch roped and hogtied on the floor. She is totally helpless now, the crotch rope slices deep into her panties and it hurts when she struggles. The brats are gone and they left her tightly bound and gagged. Maria struggles on the floor, she has to try to find a way of getting help. She screams through her gag and is relieved when their grandmother walks in. Poor helpless Maria´s hopes vanish when their grandma laughs and tells her the hogtie is much too loose and they her grandchildren haven´t learned to tie well. She bends down and tightens up Maria´s hogtie cranking her into a painful back arch. She tells the helpless babysitter that she is tired and needs to go to bed. Maria painfully struggles in her bondage as she screams and cries in anger and frustration into her gag.

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