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Rachele Richey, the exhibitionist extraordinaire talks us through her Wet and Pissy travel. Theres over a few remarks here, however Rachele still manages to maintain a relevant narrative, fulfilling the huge majority of that which she sets out to perform by her very words. She takes her time, rolling her out goals at a time, so as not to burn out her schedule too soon. She’s a excellent natural pair of tits, but she doesnt allow them function as one defining quality, which makes use of her lips and eyes, puckering and gazing straight into our eyes. Rachele also happens to be an excellent pisser, demonstrating that skill in total as she partly straddles a leg onto the table to have a piss. She drops to the floor, diving into it before sitting on the chair and expelling the remainder of her piss onto the dining table. Theres enough electricity there that shes able to achieve to the front end of the desk and then heartily basking onto the moist surface. As items wrap up, Rachele beverages up a self-served glass of stink, sipping on it like a good wine.

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