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Angel Allwood is really a blonde MILF wth a younger boyfriend on the side: A mansion and it all. It all comes crashing down when her adorable little bit of ass step-daughter comes to see. Angel’s Dominant boyfriend requires and step-daughter on a squirt stuffed sex and bondage coaching and develops tired of enjoying butler. By Angel’s brutal take down having tough anal intercourse, pussy clamps, a severe belting, and climax denial to Zoey’s seduction with all the zapper and cattle prod, hot squirting sex, and belt bondage, and Seth keeps both hot blonde bitches under tight control. Bringing both blonde sluts into heels in the master bedroom, Seth trains his sexual slaves, instructing Zoey to request her Mommy for every orgasm, coaching after it comes out of the buttocks of her step-daughter Angel to slurp his cock . Employing all four hot holes to his joy, his toys torment with floggers, candle wax, zippers, and climax denial until he’s nice and ready to serve them a meal of hot cum.

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