Stephanie Cane –


I don’t miss an opportunity to add to my video series and todays errands found me meeting this fine ass girl. I had some other plans in mind although she was about the measures of the library waiting for some idiot she met on the internet. From a distance I can watch these long white thighs coming from beneath her skirt and that has been enough to receive my dick rock hard. She was worried from the moment once she got a peek but these nerves disappeared. I needed to tell her a few times that this little adventure would never up on line and once that has been established I managed to tape her playing with my fat thug dick. I had cheese balls which meant I was on the edge of coming because her mouth gave bomb butt head. I knew that pussy would be tight as hell from the moment I moved tip first so as to avoid dividing her entire body in half. While I made sure not to fall the camera so you receive the illest interracial porn possible, we fucked in every position. My dick kept because I shot stream after stream of sauce over this pretty little face that was bookworms, pulsating.

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