Super Ball Weekend –


Nataly Von (from the green underwear ) and Stacy Snake (from the blue) are clearly two Seattle Seahawks fans on this Super Bowl weekend, as you’ll see now. They relax in their bed, under their Seahawks bannerand in their cute socks they feed each other popcorn and also play with a soccer. Nothing like a small foot worship to get ready for kickoff!! Then who shows up but his buddy Thomas Stone, another Seahawks fan, who is ready to watch the game in full equipment!! Their pom-poms are rapidly set aside so they can rub against his meat with their toes through the panties, and then slide it in their mouths too. Popcorn and pom-poms are shortly ignored as Tom’s instrument crams to Nataly’s interface while she loves the flavor of Stacy’s socked peds. While they are busy doing fine things to his prick with their lips, then Tom tugs off their socks so he can appreciate their bare soles too. Nataly’s step size and Stacy’s size 6.5, along with their feet seem sweet indeed since they rest against his thighs in all of the foot action. They even get some anal into the party, and slide their feet through the face guard onto his helmet–that’s how horny the Russian dolls are made by American football!!

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