Tree Leaning –


Watch Alisha and Sosha both pee in the same pair of pants in this taboo wetting video. First, Alisha wets her pants. Then Sosha puts on the same pants and pees in them as well.This video is a result of a special request from one of our members who wanted to see two girls pee in the same pair of pants. We thought it sounded like a fun idea and gave it a try. Standing in the forest, Alisha is wearing white pants and Sosha, standing next to her, is just wearing panties. They explain the premise of the video, then proceed to do it.First, Alisha pees in her white pants. Standing with her feet apart, she relaxes, emptying the content of her bladder into her trousers. The white fabric grows visibly wet as she urinates, and a large wet patch spreads down her legs. Around her feet we can see a puddle start to grow on the ground. Once she is done peeing in her pants, she takes them of hands the soaking wet mass off to Sosha.While Alisha stands next to her, bottomless, Sosha puts on the wet pants that Alisha just peed over her dry panties. Once she has the pants securely fastened, Sosha lets go, peeing in them as well. Already wet, we cant see the dry fabric turn dark with wetness. What we do see is the damp fabric start to glisten with fresh fluid as Sosha pisses full force into her panties and the already wet pants. A puddle forms on the ground around Soshas feet, just as it did with Alisha.Once Sosha is done peeing both girls say a quick goodbye. The video fades to black as they run off to clean up.

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