Alexa Benson –



What exactly do we have here? A year-old babe is out walking her dog if she strolls by two dudes discussing whether they like the pussy or the asshole as their preferred interface for docking their longboats. While the other votes to the tight asshole one guy prefers the succulent pussy. Alexa, needless to say, is both packaging both on her body that is awesome. She comes up, and overhears the conversation, and offers to share her abundance of holes with both of these debaters. Alexa has learned about the massive instruments these men pack in their shorts, and has one of these white boyfriends, so she has been interested in finding out to herself, for a while. Usually with a babe you can pretty much hope that she isnt going to be a complete slut, especially when it regards assfucking, also DPs. Alexa is the exception! She sucks black dick like its going to become hot, asshole and her pussy sticks and gives herself over to the minute, and only lets these two studs do everything! She’s her pussy fucked just like its never been drilled. Her tight asshole gets tough treatment by a horse-sized penis, she gets her asshole and cooter stuffed at precisely the same time by more meat than there are at the butcher store, and as soon as it has to do with ass-2-mouth, she chooses it straight in and down her throat with no smallest wipe! One shot gets her getting her asshole stuffed while she’s licking the butthole of another guy! She finishes by allowing the demolisher feed her a load, and using a creampie in her pussy! Simply wonderful!

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